Most of us probably became familiar with the use of a white sage "smudge" wand as our first foray into clearing bad energy in a space. I know that was my first energetic hygiene tool way back when. (I think it was in the same time frame I was purchasing spell books from Barnes & Noble.) It is so popular that the word sage his somehow become synonymous with smoke clearing as if there are no other items available. While I am grateful for the introduction, I know fifteen years later, that it is not a fix all item. (And those bookstore spells - just, nope.) When we gather new information we should act on it. Know better, do better.

There are so many wonderful plant allies available for us to utilize for smoke clearing! Items that are native to our surroundings, that we can grow ourselves instead of depleting natural and sacred resources, and ones that work for our particular needs at the time. While I think there is a place and time for the use of white sage I don't want to be part of the misinformation and overuse campaign. I don't want to have a hand in disrespecting indigenous people who need this medicine for their sacred rituals.

I will admit that I was super lazy for a long time and would just reach for a leaf of white sage to clear my energy on a daily basis. White sage has a tendency to dry out everything it energetically comes in contact with. I was burning everything away! While it is helpful in clearing up residual energy associated with stress, depression, and conflict it doesn't equal protection or peace or the addition of positive energy.

The use of palo santo, rope incense, and various resins suits me much better on a daily basis. I also make sure to keep pine, cedar, sweet grass, lavender, mugwort, garden sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, and lemongrass on hand as well. (Yes, the sage many of use grow to season our food can be used with great success to smoke cleanse.) There is something so sacred about using the plants we grow or harvest ourselves in our practice so I cherish what I cultivate on my own land. Even if you don't have the time or space for that you can easily expand your energetic hygiene horizons! Thank heavens for online commerce.

I saw a meme (that I'll post on my biz Instagram) recently that touched on the efficiency of white sage on negative entities. It involved Debo from Friday and I honestly, truly screamed! Please don't think white sage is going to be all you need if you have an infestation or possession. One of my guilty pleasures is ghost shows and at the end they often show someone come in with a sage stick, abalone shell, and feather to allegedly rid the home of whatever is haunting it. I lol every.single.time. That ain't gonna do it!!! (I don't rock with using abalone shells as glorified ash trays or mimicking indigenous practices with a store bought feather wand either but that is a rant for another day.)

All this to say, my shop is selling the remainder of my white sage on hand and then focusing exclusively on more sustainable and useful plant allies for smoke clearing. Want to step outside the box and try something new? Here are a few lovely items to turn to instead of white sage...

Palo Santo

Want to add some sweetness, joy, and vitality to your person and place? Palo santo is the tool for you. I love this holy wood as a daily ally for ushering in some mellow vibes. It doesn't remove "evil" but it will promote peace.

Dragon's Blood Resin

I reserve the use of dragon's blood resin for the rare cases that I feel like some very heavy, negative energy has infiltrated my home or energetic body. It truly does remove these feelings and makes way for me to take additional protective and uplifting measures in my space.

Cedar Calcite Palo Santo Selenite

I have a few of these little babes available in the shop and I love the variety! This one includes cedar, selenite, calcite, and a stick of palo santo. Cedar protects, purifies, and  grounds us while attracting good. Selenite can be used as a wand to disrupt and dislodge stagnant energies around our bodies. Yellow calcite can assist us in clearing our minds and making contact with our higher selves. It also has a comforting, assuring energy.

Lemongrass Rope Incense

Those of you who follow along on Instagram know my love for rope incense runs deep! It has the perfect burn time for those of us with busy lifestyles and often closed windows. Just the right amount of smoke + aroma. Lemongrass is for luck. It helps turn bad luck good. It clears up obstacles and opens roads.

Altar Blend

I absolutely love smoke clearing with resins! Altar Blend is a mixture of frankincense, myrrh, and copal. Good enough for baby Jesus, good enough for me! This mixture imbues blessings, healing, purification, and holiness to a space. This is often my Sunday energetic reset. I love the billowing smoke, rich aroma, and palpable peace left behind.




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  • I love how mindful you are. Do you ever work with energy tools such as universal flowers etc?

    Isabelle Grace

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