A couple weeks ago I shared with y'all some suggestions for items for a self love altar space. Today is all about abundance, prosperity, and MONEY. We all need it! A lot like the other altar post, please take my practices as loose suggestions - all work you do is personal. Folk magic is flexible due to the fact our ancestors had to use what they had on hand. Your intentions as well as your actions to improve your situation are most important!

Money Altar

For my abundance altar I whipped up an easy batch of lucky green rice, a quick money drawing oil, and a fixed 7 day candle. I am also utilizing a Rose of Jericho, Frankincense Myrrh Mint Mist, and some $$$ drawing crystal allies. I always burn incense on my altars and will most likely use cinnamon sticks + frankincense and myrrh resin.

Lucky Green Rice Recipe

Unfamiliar with lucky green rice? Rice symbolizes not going hungry, fuel for your body and worldly pursuits, wealth, and prosperity. There are so many variations on green rice recipes so I used a few different ones for the framework and made one of my own.

My recipe:
    • White Rice (Don't use instant rice.)
    • Green Food Coloring (I used mica because I have a lot that I use for coloring products.)
    • Pyrite.
    • Gold Flakes.
    • Frankincense Myrrh Mint Mist
    • A shredded $1 bill.
    • Cinnamon + nutmeg.
    Green Rice Bag
    Some people use holy water or money drawing oil. I instead used the abundance mist offered in my shop because it is charged, blessed, and full of prosperity drawing essential oils. Just a few spritz on the rice in a baggie then the coloring. I used primarily green but also added a bit of gold glitter.)
    Baggie of Lucky Rice
    I shook it up then left it open to dry. Dry time will probably be longer if you use wet food coloring or oils, fyi. In that case, laying the rice out on a paper towel overnight may be your best bet.
    Money in Green Rice
    I then added the paper money I had cut up as well as the pyrite and gold flakes. Last, I broke up the cinnamon and nutmeg and mixed them in as well.
     Finished Lucky Green Rice

    While making my rice (and candle) I focused on my wishes for financial abundance, increase, and recited the 23rd Psalm (verses 1-6.) I am not religious but came up in the church and recognize the power of words spoken from the bible with conviction. Use whatever words feel right to you! Always remember this is your work, on your behalf!

    Some easy affirmations:
    • "I am a money magnet."
    • "Money flows to me easily."
    • "I have plenty of money for the things I need and want."
    • "I deserve prosperity and new opportunities for wealth."
    • "I give thanks for all I have and all that I receive."


    Green Seven Day Candle
    The candle was quick work as well! Green for money! Cleansed first with my Botanical Blend Florida water then anointed with Frankincense Myrrh Mint Mist.
    Oils In Candle
    I drove three holes since 3 is a lucky number and filled each hole with a blend of  olive oil + essential oils that bring wealth into your life.
    Money Candle

    I topped it with an abundance herb blend, gold glitter, and gold flakes. (Before I light this I will push back the chunks of herbs so they don't catch on fire. If they do, they do- won't be the first or last time. I keep my candles in bowls of water and keep a close eye on them for about the first half hour they burn. Once the herbs are in the wax it's not that big of a deal.) You can add a petition paper under your candle, write with Sharpie your desires on the actual glass, or just speak aloud what you need to come into your life. All very personal choices.

    Essential Oils
    Essential Oils Used:
    • Peppermint
    • Cinnamon
    • Frankincense + Myrrh
    • Pennyroyal
    • Ginger
    Money Herbs

    Herbs Used: Chamomile, Calendula, Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Bay.

    There are many commercially offered money drawing oils available but I prefer to make my own. I use the essential oils + carrier oil because I can make something on the fly and don't have to wait for an oil to infuse over time. Just my personal preference!

    Rose of Jericho
    Rose of Jericho ushers in prosperity and its water can be used to dress door frames and steps to draw $$$ to you! For more info on ROJ, take a peek at the listing in my shop.
    Crystals for Abundance

    I offer an abundance crystal set and I like to keep these either on my altar or in my purse when I'm in financial need.

    • Green Aventurine - Good luck. New opportunities. Lightening up about money.
    • Pyrite - Attracts wealth and reminds you that you are worthy of receiving.
    • Honey Calcite - Removes old ideas about your relationship while attracting good fortune.
    • Tiger's Eye - Success. Willpower. Motivation. Opens fresh pathways to wealth.


    Frank Myrrh Mint Mist

    The Frankincense Myrrh Mist is an all natural money magnet! Mint hydrosol is combined with a host of cash calling essential oils! Each bottle also contains three small tiger's eye for extra potency. I spray my money, checks,  $$$ candles (unlit,) crystals, purse, and self with it!

    I'll be lighting this candle and starting my work on Thursday since it is an auspicious time for attracting money into our lives.

    Ritual and manifestation has many faces! This post just outlines some ideas + items I utilize in my practice. Use items you have on hand, research what resonates with you, and always remember that you are the creator of your unique path. I hope these suggestions were helpful!

    Give me some tips and tricks for attracting abundance!

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