I don't know how eloquent this post is going to be but I did want to let y'all know what's up. Many of you have been rocking with me since my apprenticeship to become an herbalist. Back in the days when I was creating something new every day, exploring, growing, and either giving away or selling at cost the things I made. You've seen the evolution of everything from my products to my labels to my space. I used to make things in my little kitchen... then I moved into the lovely studio where Lesley Saligoe Botanicals now resides. Well, until today. I was informed earlier that the building has been sold and myself as well as the other artists who work (and live) here have to go. Gentrification finally got us. I'm beyond upset. Not only has this space been a place to make my products, it has been a healing space. Yoga. Reiki. Classes on herbalism. I was readying a new class list just this morning. I was nervous about the transitional space my life had been thrust into but seriously guys, I always calm my fears with, "I still have my studio." My safe space. My place to make and meet and evolve again and again. I'm inconsolable. All this to say, LSB production is on hold indefinitely. If you want a much loved product and its in stock, grab it. I hope to find a new home but it might take a bit of time. As always, you are more than a customer to me and I appreciate you more than I can convey. xo, ljs

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