I focus really heavily on the energetic health and hygiene of my studio space and home. Yes, it is super important to keep your environment clutter free, prayed up, protected, smoke cleansed, and sparkling with loving intentions. BUT. (Yes, there is a but.) Sometimes its not an entity or psychic attack or residual energy from someone negative who has come into you place. Sometimes its you. Whew.

I came to that conclusion one day after noting how charged my surroundings were. I kept thinking, "Who did this? Who f'd up my flow??" It was me. My anger. My anxiety. My pessimism. My bitterness. My unhealed and unexamined parts. My mess. You know how often times the "good vibes only" person IS the bad vibes? That. I had to look at myself and where I was feeding drama and pain in my own life then take actual steps to remedy those situations.

Energetic hygiene isn't just about florida water floor washes and burning palo santo. It is about confronting our shadow selves. Its about balancing our "positive" and "negative" sides. Its about honesty and clarity. Its about doing real work so that our insides match the way we attempt to project ourselves to the outside world. Without it no amount of herbs, yoga, chanting, charms, spells, crystals, or manifestation techniques will make a difference.


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