Hello friends! The last shop update was a great success and I sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support! I wanted to formally express gratitude here and also give a little insight into how shipping and handling works on the LSB side. 

I batch print labels and order slips (at home then take them to the studio) then stage boxes before packing and shipping. If there are 150 orders I will complete the packaging and take them to USPS in chunks. (I schedule pick ups when there are less than 10 orders going out.) I'm one human being (with no help during COVID19) and I want you to know that I am doing my best. You could possibly see an alert that your order's shipping label was printed one day (or night) and not accepted by USPS til two days later... that is because I am getting as many as I can done in one day then resuming the next. I ship daily around updates and weekly in between.

USPS is closed on Sunday. I have a small car. I took an entire day off last week because of grief. I don't work from home and don't work at night for my safety due to the area my studio is located in. (Plus I am a human being with a family who works, eats, and rests on a schedule.) As always, I appreciate the support and want to use this note as a reminder that I am not Amazon. I value my health as well as that of others. I am a heart centered provider. I will never rip you off. I put so much care and consideration into my products. I am not a factory. 

I am super grateful for the enthusiasm toward my products and could not make it without the care, generosity, and confidence of my customers. I plan on offering contactless pick up for Indianapolis folks the next go round which will shorten shipping times for those of you who are not local. Please just be kind and cognizant that I am a single maker business and human being. 

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