I've always struggled with the concept of self love. I've decided to settle for "self like" for now. Self acceptance. Just treating the self I got better cause heaven knows I don't always give myself the care I'd extend to another.

I wanted to share a really quick glimpse at some simple ways to pull together a self love altar in your space. Remember that altars don't have to look a particular way. Your practice doesn't have to look like anyone's but your own!

I am on day #6 of a sugar detox and I'm feeling fed tf up and in general monstrous. I decided to create a visual reminder why I'm making the changes I am + some motivation to keep going. I am changing my diet, exercise, and water intake because I want to feel better. I want to love and preserve my physical body as well as my spiritual body. I also want a donut! *cries in high fructose corn syrup*

Let me repeat that I'm just sharing how I am going about promoting love for myself on this Friday (Venus, baby!) when I'm feeling blah. If you want to make an altar in your space you don't have to follow my suggestions to the letter or even spend any (or much) money! I often use flowers from my garden as well as candles out of my backstock or found objects. Your intention gives any and everything you use the power! The objects or tools are just to make a physical connection with your heart/mind/spirit. Ummkay?
self love altar ingredients
Roses and Rose Quartz

This is all love everything. Roses are of course associated with love and were also my #1 plant ally during my apprenticeship so I wanted to include them in a big way. The smell, the colors... my heart just sings. If sunflowers speak love to you, use them. This is just what I chose.

I also wanted to make way for my giant new rose quartz! This big baby is living up to her reputation as the love stone. Rose quartz can be used to open up the heart chakra and draw forth self love as well as love from others. I can't stick this one in my bra but I have carried it in a bag with me a couple days. Arm workout!

Florida Water Candle Roses
Rose Hydrosol Rose Quartz Roses Pink Candle
candle and oil
"Fixed" candles are having a moment right now. I'm glad more people are finding interest in utilizing candles in their self care and/or manifestation practices. This is not a "how to" on dressing a candle but I will share that I quickly whipped up an anointing oil with sweet almond oil + some essential oils that vibrate self love to me. (Rose, lavender, vanilla, and cinnamon- choose your own adventure.) If you wish to grab a candle for your self love altar you can use whatever type or color floats your boat! I cleansed the outside glass of my 7 day pink (for love vs passion) candle first with Botanical Blend Florida Water then Rose Hydrosol. I made my holes with a chopstick, dropped my prepared self love oil in the holes, then sprinkled the top with roses + green glitter. Why green? Green is the color associated with the heart chakra. My candle was blessed and charged with my intention to like and love myself more each day then lit. Easy. I also wrote some affirmations that I'm storing under my candle and returning to when I need a pick me up.
rose rope incense
I'll be burning different types of incense but love the way rose rope incense fits perfectly with my other rose items! Plus rose really is the highest vibe plant. It lifts us out of the doldrums and inspires us to be our best selves. If you haven't ventured into the world of rope incense yet, please join me! They are perfect for quickly changing the energy in a space. I also plan to use my Usher In Love resin blend + palo santo cause it is life giving all day, everyday.
all rose everything

Other self love allies? Rose Hydrosol and my Love + Lust Bath Salts! I've been using the hydrosol as a refresher when I start feeling all doom & gloom about stuff. (I think that's sugar withdrawal talking!) It hydrates my skin and snaps me back into gratitude that I am strong enough and privileged to make these changes in my life. I can't wait to soak in the tub tonight after my workout! This blend is sensual, playful, and packed with the stuff sore muscles need. Oh! And each jar comes with a rose quartz! 

Do you make altars in your home? Do you think you'll whip up a self love altar? Let me know! I'm all for folks loving themselves best, first.

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