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Happy New Year, friends! I'm still hanging in there and hope you are, too. I wanted to share (formally) that I've been offering sound healing sessions for the past couple months at the studio and things are going great. I put it off most of the summer because of the uncertainty with the space but come fall I decided to just go for it. While I still feel very much up in the air about whether I'll be allowed to remain there I've gone forward with classes and community building. Send some good juju my way that LSB will continue to have a devoted space to make and heal and hold others with safety and love. 

If you're in Indy and are unfamiliar with sound healing I'd love for you to come lay your burdens down! It is a gentle, passive medicine. I call it Restorative Rest + Resonant Sound. You don't have to *do* anything to feel the benefits. Just rsvp, bring blankets + a pillow, wear your comfiest clothes, and leave it all behind. Consider it a reclaiming of your time. Just rest. Just allow yourself to be refilled and replenished. Your problems, OUR problems as a collective, can wait outside. 

Each session varies in format but will always include singing bowls. Their resonance is essential to this modality. What are the benefits? 

  • increases relaxation
  • eases anxiety and depression
  • improves memory and cognition
  • reduces pain
  • balances the body's energy centers
  • soothes frayed emotions
  • stimulates imagination and creativity

Lesley Saligoe Studio

If you're interested in a session, what tools I use, my set up, etc. check in on me on Instagram @lesleysaligoebotanicals and @lesleysaligoe

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