It is hard not to feel like our whole world has been flipped upside down. Nothing is certain and everything... hurts. All we can do is our best. (Whatever that looks like!)  I just wanted to clue y'all in on how LSB is running these days. One word sums it up: SLOW. Due to COVID19 sweeping through all of our communities and businesses worldwide the supply chain is iffy at best. Over the past year all of the raw materials and packaging I use went up in cost but now most items are unavailable or on 10-20 day back order. The local place I print labels is no longer an option either so that has to be outsourced and received through the mail. Please know that I am working on creating and updating the shop; things are just super bizarre and sluggish at the moment. I've cut back to shipping twice a week and using USPS pick up when I can. In addition to that, the studio is closed (just like everywhere else non essential.) Creating goodies and holding space is how I've made my living for years and currently I'm almost completely out of work. I'm trying not to dwell on my situation considering there are many folks in way worse positions. Folks are sick, dying, and putting their lives on the line to provide true necessities for society. I just have to wait! A small price to pay, honestly. If you'd like to help out this tiny business please feel free to snag a gift card to use once the shop is replenished. (And it will be, it is just on a delay while I wait for components to arrive!) Each and every night I send positive energy to everyone who has crossed my path and that includes all of you. Please stay safe, healthy, whole, and at home. 

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