Every product I make is inspired by something. Nothing is random. A couple years back I created a collection to commemorate my epic birthday trips (and the trip I was missing thanks to the brand new pandemic.) The NOLA candle has been a best seller ever since. As time has passed and my world has seemingly shrunk to a pin prick I drew from within this update. 

Volcanic, Liminal, Retrograde, Sunkissed, Moonlit, and Tidal. Each represents a big feeling or massive memory. The scents are complex, custom, and diverse. This collection of neutral/nude colored candles are in order from softest scent to boldest. Shades range from matte cream to deep aubergine. I'm really proud of the new 14 oz vessels and how gorgeous they look in my home. Every tone blends in seamlessly with the decor. The labels are very simple and draw from the color of each vessel in an attempt to create cohesion and visual ease.

Forever scents will be referred to as "classic" from here on out. I started off with some of your favs! BEY, Baldwin, BDE, Bless, and Breathe are back. Next month different classic scents will join them. These are housed in 8 oz white glass vessels with matching white metal lids. The small label can easily be removed and jar reused after depleting your candle. These are perfect for pens, plants, make up brushes, or whatever you'd like to stash. I plan to continue to offer tried and true scents a lot of folks have come to depend on in their homes so don't panic if you don't see your bestie this update. 

Glass cloche domes are a new offering! Snag one to cover LSB large size candles (or any candle you'd like to showcase.) These domes prevent dust build up between use and help retain scent. Plus they look so damn good. I prefer these to offering lids that would drive up cost and likely be thrown out. 

Last, let's talk wicks. I know wooden wicks can seem like a pain at times. I tested traditional wicks a couple months ago and went right on back to wood. There is just something about the crackle that I love! Once you get into the groove it is easy as pie. Please (if you haven't) invest in a wick trimmer. They are less than $10 on (the dreaded) Amazon. I offered them in the shop a while back but they take months to arrive to me as a small shop and there was too much uncertainty there. Last year I bumped up my wick size a few millimeters at the suggestion of a vendor and regretted it. I want to make the candle burning experience as stress free as possible for you so utilizing the smallest possible wick is a must. This go round the large candles are wicked with custom size wicks that are *perfect.* It may take around 4 hours (an hour per inch diameter of the vessel) for the entire top layer to liquify so make sure you have time before you light up. The custom wicks should prevent large flames and soot from occuring when trimmed correctly and consistently. If you notice black smoke or a high flame when actively burning your candle it is possible to regain control. Just blow out the candle, carefully trim the blackened portion of the wick with trimmers, and relight immediately. You will notice a smaller and cleaner flame. If you experience tunneling you can't correct, wayward flames, or just plain don't like the maintenance... purchase a candle warmer. All the good smells with none of the trimming, lighting, or babysitting. 

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