I'm by no means an astrology expert but even the most uninitiated among us are familiar with Mercury Retrograde. We collectively brace ourselves for the seemingly inevitable snafus surrounding travel, communication, contracts, and negotiations. I won't put anyone else on blast but I've absolutely been guilty of blaming even my own missteps on Mercury Rx just because I could. I ignored emails then finally responded clumsily in them. Mercury was in retrograde! I've absolutely showed up late. Mercury was in retrograde. I undertook switching platforms from Etsy to Shopify last year... while Mercury was in retrograde. (It took the entire cycle!) I blamed every single problem on it, too. (Even the ones that were just my lazy ass fault.) I have to laugh now!


I had someone ask on Instagram Live yesterday what my advice was for navigating this cycle (March 6-29) and I hastily replied, "Just stay home, away from other people!" I mean that but I don't. That is my (unrealistic) remedy for most of my personal issues but I decided to think and put some real advice down here.
This current retrograde is about review. I see it as a time frame that is perfect for going underground. I don't mean that literally. The Death card presented itself when I was divining on the most graceful way through. I connected that with near death experience and how they often lead to introspection, increased faith in intuition, psychic development, and the review of your life. Look back and then devise a plan to reemerge renewed and more in line with your highest aspirations. Connect with yourself and your intuition. If you believe in or have psychic gifts, recommit to developing them. (And trust them.) 


Unresolved issues and relationships are going to circle back around and give you the opportunity to perhaps respond differently. In the midst of that, it is important to pay attention to yourself first and foremost. How could YOU do things better and resolve this situation once and for all?


It's great to reconnect with others but this is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your own inner life. Mind your own business! The most important communication during this phase is the dialogue you have with self. This is a fine time for shadow work. Do a check in and be honest. How are you physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually? You don't have to immediately put grand plans into action but by taking an assessment you can positively create goals and slowly implement them. This is a good time to reevaluate what you truly want out of any situation in your life. What do you want to do? How do you want to feel and move through the world? Imagine yourself as a seed. All of your aspirations are inside. Water and nurture that seed and all you want to see manifest. It is underground, seemingly dead right now, but with care it will grow into what you desire. 


I am a huge proponent for energetic hygiene and Mercury Rx presents an opportunity to reassess your energy body as well as the energetic health of your environment. By physically cleaning up things that is out of place or no longer needed you can shift the vibe.


Reenergize. Smoke cleanse yourself and your space.  Soak in a salt bath to relax your physical body as well as cleanse your energy field.


Reconnect. Revel in affirmations that rebuild your self confidence and beliefs. You can easily refresh your crystals, house plants, and the necessity to drink water for optimal health. I mention water because it is so easy to make that change and feel a huge difference, quickly.


Revamp. Keep a journal with your day to day musings and subsequent goals to enact once Mercury goes direct.


Recommit. Keep calm and seek inner peace- even if the world around you is chaotic. Take deep breaths. Indulge in a cup of herbal tea. Infuse it with your positive intent. Remember that you can begin again even if you've lost your cool. Be gentle with yourself.


Remember self care + ritual = revolution. Take care of yourself. Recreate rituals that nurture yourself and your health. Make and follow through on small (and large goals) to foster personal revolution. 


I'm going slow this Mercury Rx. Trying to take my own (and spirit's) advice. I hope you do the same. 


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