Recently LSB has had to do some soul searching regarding the way forward as a COVID era small business. You've heard me lament the completely haywire supply chain and seen products and packaging exist in a very fluid state because of it. Something I haven't mentioned are shipping costs. I primarily utilize USPS and don't have many complaints aside from their now quarterly rate hikes. (That are essential to their survival as well.) Honestly I had to come to the conclusion that I cannot hide or eat shipping costs any longer. Many, many small businesses have been forced into an unsustainable shipping model because of the expectations Amazon has created for consumers. I'm not Amazon. I pay taxes. I don't exploit anyone. I'm one single maker. I pay myself minimum wage but would love a raise someday. I create each and every thing myself with care, intention, and heart from start to finish. I conceptualize, order, make, label, sell, and pack. I handle this website and struggle with photoshop. I view the things I conjure up a energetic offerings from me to you. The shipping costs you see at check out are generated by the carrier and calculated by weight or region. It is not profit for me. I don't charge additional shipping + handling fees or for the bubble wrap, tape, packing peanuts, etc. I realize how jarring it can be to see the true cost of shipping (typically close to $20 to ship from the midwest to either coast or close to $10 within city limits) but already razor thin margins do not allow me to absorb it. In the past I offered free shipping over $50 but have raised it to free shipping over $100. That's the only way I can make the math make sense and not drive myself out of business. I wanted to be transparent about the change and explain a bit about how shipping is calculated. If we as a collective want small businesses (and the USPS) to be around after the dust settles we have to break the Amazon habit and put our money where are hearts are. I hope you all understand. 

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