This is LSB's third holiday season. Recently I was game planning how to boost sales and market my products. Overall, overwhelming. I decided to cut the bullsh*t and leave the games behind. No gimmicks. No flash sales. To maintain my personal integrity and see my products in the hands of those who need them most I am offering my lowest possible prices for the entire month of December. I toyed with raising the prices + using a percentage of each sale for charitable giving but truthfully I don't know anyone who isn't going through it. I'm going to stay steady and give back to y'all because you deserve it. Hopefully these accessible price points present the opportunity to treat yourself this time of year when life can be so incredibly hard to navigate. Maybe you'll be in the position to bless a friend or loved one where you couldn't before. So that's what this is about... offering my most straightforward, best selling, most loved products to you. Also please remember during this season of rampant consumerism and stress that you are perfect and loved even if you don't purchase one thing from me or anyone else. Above all else I want to see you all foster your own authentic self care practice. If my products can assist you with that goal, fantastic. If not, I am honestly still praying you find self love, peace, and protection.

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