Sometimes it's hard to believe that LSB has been in existence for five (or six?) years! I've gone from being a service based provider who worked primarily with folks to holistically address health and energetic concerns to primarily a candle maker. The pandemic really turned my life and business upside down. This week marks two years since I've had sound baths in the studio with no start up date in sight. Not only have my in person offerings drastically changed but the types of products I offer has evolved as well. From crunchy herbal concoctions to wildly colored bath bombs to candles. I wanted to touch base with y'all and let you know about the most current changes in the shop. 

APPEARANCE. LSB has had many looks over the years. I have to laugh when I look back! Seems like yearly I attempt to improve on the appearance of my labels, site, photos, etc. I hope each iteration is better than the last but I'll be the first to admit that graphic design and computer stuff are not my strengths. I really loved the look of the last logo but the colored bit always printed hot pink instead of terra cotta like I intended. I decided to scrap the whole thing! Currently I'm toying with simple lettering with a bit of mid century terrazzo thrown in for good measure. Very much my personal aesthetic. I hope you like it!

PACKAGING. I have heavily relied on styrofoam packing peanuts and bubble wrap to get your goodies into your hands unscathed. LSB is slowly but surely going green. You'll notice cornstarch/biodegradable packing peanuts, kraft paper, eco friendly tape, and hex paper in upcoming shipments. Large candles will be shipped in recyclable boxes inside another equally recyclable box. I will continue to reuse any packing materials I receive from my wholesale suppliers so if you see a bit of bubble wrap or something made of plastic please consider re using it yourself as well. 

WICKS. There is a bit of a learning curve when burning wooden wick candles. As a creator I want to use the smallest but best wick for each candle. Last year I transitioned to larger wicks at the suggestion of a vendor but was unhappy with the overall performance. A larger wick can create soot and high flame. My newest collection utilizes custom sized wicks that are just a touch smaller. It may take a bit longer for the entire top surface to liquify but your candle burning experience should improve. Quick tip: if you experience black smoke/soot and a high flame the first time you burn a candle, quickly blow it out and very carefully trim off the black portion of the wick with a trimmer then immediately relight. Remember to trim your wicks (after the candle solidifies) before relighting each and every time. Never just light up the charred black portion of the candle - you will only smell burning wood and get tons of soot. You can even pluck it off with your fingers. 

LIDS. I'll touch on this in another post about the current candle collection but I've settled on a vessel type for my 8 oz classic candles that I hope will continue to be available as the supply chain continues to be erratic. These come with metal lids! I'm excited to be able to offer these because I believe the vessel/lid can be easily reused after depleting your candle. The new packaging is neutral and perfect for every environment. I love the clean simplicity. I am also experimenting with offering glass cloche domes in the shop! These are amazing because they work with most candles to prevent dust and promote fragrance retention. They also look so chic. Buy one and use it forever. No lid to potentially throw out. I love it. 

SHIPPING. I will be going back to shipping a few times a week vs one USPS pick up like I'd transitioned to at the beginning of the pandemic. Thank you all for bearing with me while I quarantined (hard.) I'm still a hermit in the best interest of my grandson but my son will be helping to get your packages out in a more timely fashion. 

Thank you (yes, you) for your support, encouragement, and care. 



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