The new batch of wooden wick candles are reaching their homes so I think this is the perfect time to go over candle care again! I used to scoff at these simple tips but truly a little maintenance goes a long way toward enjoying your new candle. Most of these tips can be applied to traditional wicks (used in Chiron, Holy, Laveau, Rapture, and Opulence) as well as round wooden wicks (Sanctuary, NOLA, Cartegena, and Tuscany) and flat wooden wicks (Fresh.)


Snag a wick trimmer, long lighter, and snuffer! Cheap but honestly essential. (These supplies cost less than $10 total.) If you do not have a trimmer use sharp scissors and be extra careful when blowing out your candle.


*Burn your new candle at least 2 hours the first time you light it. (After trimming the wick to 1/4-1/8 of an inch - seriously a little nub - especially the wooden wicks.) Wax has a memory and if you start out wrong unfortunately it will continue to burn in the same pattern. 2 hours allows the entire top layer of wax to liquify and promote a clean burn that doesn't waste wax. This prevents tunneling of your candle and waste of your investment.
*Do not leave a burning candle unsupervised or surrounded by flammable objects. I also keep my candles away from the wall or anywhere kids and pets could possibly knock them over. Make sure you place it on a heat safe surface.
*Do not burn over four hours at a time. A hot jar is hazardous. They can crack and/or explode. The flame tends to get dangerously high when lit more than four hours as well. Safety first!
*Use a snuffer to put out your candle. Keeping your face away from flame and wax is always a good idea.
*Before relighting your candle trim.the.wick. (Every time.) I cannot overstate the importance of this! The correct length is 1/4-1/8 of an inch. This keeps the flame at the correct (safe) height and reduces sooting. Traditional wicks can be clipped. Wood wicks can have the ash rubbed down but it leaves a mess -  that's why I suggest trimmers! They capture the ash in the round portion and keep your candle wax clean. 
*If your traditional wick drifts during burning, use a candle dipper tool (or chopstick) to gently shift it back into a straight position after extinguishing the flame. When the wax re solidifies it'll be straight again. 
*If bits of the burnt wooden wick are in the wax just scrape them from the top of the solidified wax before relighting. If some comes off when trimming, just remove them with your finger or paper towel. This bit of care keeps the wax pure and prevents the smell of charred wood. 


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